With a strong history of fighting for the climate movement, we have every reason to view Governor Maura Healey as an ally in our fight to hold polluters accountable. In collaboration with climate organizations across the state, we are asking Governor Healey to establish a Climate Change Adaptation Superfund now!

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Dear Governor Healey,

On behalf of the undersigned organizations and our members and supporters across the Commonwealth, we would like to express our enthusiasm for working together to prepare Massachusetts for climate change and extreme weather events. We recommend establishing a Climate Change Adaptation Superfund by executive order with haste in response to the volatile weather conditions across the Commonwealth. 

As a consistent climate leader, you have demonstrated how fossil fuel companies are culpable for climate change in your suit against Exxon-Mobil. Our endeavors to make polluters pay will continue this work by holding those responsible for the crisis liable for funding solutions. We hope you continue this leadership as governor by establishing this important Climate Adaptation Superfund to build resilience for cities and towns across the Bay State.

On behalf of 350 Massachusetts, Better Future Project has filed legislation to create a Climate Change Adaptation Superfund establishing the cost recovery program and promoting polluter responsibility. It will require companies that have contributed significantly to the buildup of climate-warming greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere to bear a share of the costs of needed infrastructure investment, raising an estimated $75 billion over twenty-five years from the 20 largest polluting companies. This influx of funds will enable the Commonwealth to prepare for the coming climate impacts.

The Climate Change Adaptation Superfund will be crucial to support the state’s projected mounting climate damage costs. Catastrophe modeling shows a significant hurricane in Massachusetts could cause up to $72 billion in damages in the near future. In addition, costs from flooding property damages statewide will be over $60 million annually by 2050. These are far from the only climate impacts that will take severe tolls on our state’s health and wealth. Extreme heat, drought, and unprecedentedly severe weather will add to the toll. We must be prepared and ensure that the responsibility for handling this cost is not passed on to our most vulnerable residents.

The Climate Change Adaptation Superfund will be structured to ensure that the price is not passed on to consumers. The fee is based on past, not current, activity, so it does not impact the ongoing production costs. It is charged to those with the highest past production, leaving some companies that are not subject to it to act as price competitors and rivals for market share. And any attempts to collude to set a higher price would be illegal – and unlikely to attract companies that aren’t covered by the Fund or have a lower pro-rata payment and a market-based incentive to undercut those who raise prices. Instead, the costs will be borne by the corporations and shareholders who have reaped massive profits for decades. And the revenue in the climate change adaptation superfund could, among other purposes, actually help offset costs for consumers during the transition to a clean, renewable energy future.

This effort is part of a nationwide campaign with deep local support to fund climate change adaptation with fossil fuel profits.

Similar state-level campaigns in Maryland and Vermont are modeled on legislation introduced in the New York Assembly last session. 

In Massachusetts, 78% of residents support holding big oil and gas companies responsible. The undersigned organizations include community representatives across the Commonwealth, including the environmental, labor, faith, indigenous, and business communities.

We look forward to working in partnership with you on climate change issues in the 2023-2024 legislative cycle and appreciate your consideration for a Climate Change Adaptation Superfund for Massachusetts.



350 Massachusetts

Sierra Club MA Chapter


Unitarian Universalist Mass Action

Southwest Boston Community Development Corporation 

Climate Action Now

Climate Healing Chorus

FCCPR Climate Crisis Task Force

350 MA Central Mass

Charles River Watershed Association

Massachusetts Climate Action Network (MCAN)

Progressive Massachusetts 

Elders Climate Action Mass.

Energize Framingham

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