The principle of Polluters Pay is simple: those who make a mess should be the ones to clean it up. Any well-behaved 5-year-old would tell you this is fair. So why do we let big oil, coal, and gas corporations get away with it? 

For decades, fossil fuel corporations have made record profits while destroying our shared environment. And for decades, taxpayers have footed the bill for cleaning up the mess. It’s time we turned that around. The costs of climate change are growing every year as the effects become more and more extreme. We need strong legislation to ensure that the profitable fossil fuel corporations are held accountable for their actions.

Better Future Project, in partnership with 350 Massachusetts and Mass Power Forward, will be filing legislation to create a climate change superfund which will establish the climate change adaptation cost recovery program. It will require companies that have contributed significantly to the buildup of climate-warming greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere to bear a share of the costs of needed infrastructure investment, raising an estimated $75 billion over 25 years from the 20 largest polluting companies. This influx of funds will enable the commonwealth to prepare for the coming climate impacts.

Holding polluters responsible for the damage they have caused is wildly popular across the political spectrum; 77% of Americans support holding big oil and gas companies accountable. This is the next step for Massachusetts to be a leader in combatting climate change. You can get involved now by signing our petition to ask Governor Healey to include a climate superfund in her budget, or by signing up for our email list.

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