Hi, my name is Jeanne Cahill. I am an environmental scientist working in the field of contaminated site assessment and remediation.  I fully favor the passage of An Act establishing a climate change superfund and promoting polluter responsibility.

For 23 years I have applied the Massachusetts Contingency Plan regulations, which are modeled on the federal Superfund Act.  These protocols direct the clean-up of environmental releases of oil and hazardous material.  They serve to proactively identify and limit harms from legacy spills and industrial disposal practices that contaminate soil and groundwater.   Since 1993,  thousands of Massachusetts engineers, geologists, and health analysts working in state and private sector roles have collaboratively achieved a safe, transparent, and trustworthy system that secures public health protection, prevents further natural resource degradation, and ensures remedial action. In manifold ways, this work has furthered prosperity, health, and happiness over the decades since the inception of this groundbreaking environmental statute.  

The MCP and its financing structure demonstrate the efficacy of science and economic-based public policy, and serve as a model for green economic development.  The Love Canal, Woburn, and many public health crises that prompted the 1980 Superfund are mirrored by the catastrophic events of our time, most recently the Canadian boreal forest engulfed in flames, as well as unprecedented heat index "domes" that strike at any latitude, anomalous ocean temperature and rising sea surface elevation, and ever more crises.  We need remedies, fast.  We need accountability and brave leadership.  Now is the time.  To claw back the future well-being of our children, before we sacrifice another generation to greed, lies, and windfall profiteering, we must act.

Please support this legislation to hold polluters accountable for the damages they have caused while raking in record profits. I urge you to give a favorable report to House Bill 872 and Senate Bill 481: An Act Establishing a Climate Change Superfund and Promoting Polluter Responsibility. Thank you for your time.

Jeanne Cahill, Ph.D. 

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