Hello, my name is Marcie Berkley.  I am a Massachusetts voter, a retired professor, an activist, an outdoorsperson, and most of all, a mother.  In all of my roles, but most powerfully in my role as a mother, I see how we are all harmed by the immense harms of fossil-fuel-induced climate change.  My grown children, like so many young adults, feel that they have been deprived of the opportunity to bring children into this world by the failure of the older generation – us - to recognize, mitigate, and take action around climate change and its powerful ill effects.  

We have damning evidence that the fossil fuel companies knew about these harms as early as 50 years ago or more.  They chose to hide their knowledge and instead to maximize drilling, sale, and profits.  They pocketed these profits at the expense of our climate, our communities, and our children.  They have wreaked enormous harm on my family and yours.  Yet it is not my children who will be harmed the most – it is the children of the most vulnerable populations and their communities… over and over again. 

The Polluters Pay legislation is an essential and much-needed step forward in responding to the harms of climate change, to make needed changes to begin to protect those who need it most, and to make one important step in bringing those most directly responsible for climate change to help bear a small fraction of its costs.  The climate superfund is based on proportional liability; it is a fair response to the problem, and an essential step to address the breadth and depth of damages.

Not every Massachusetts voter will be sending a letter in support of this legislation.  However, we know that 88% of Massachusetts voters believe that the fossil fuel companies bear responsibility to address the harms of climate change.  We cannot continue to simply allow these harms to land in full on the youngest and most vulnerable among us.  We must take action, and to do that we badly need legislation to Make Polluters Pay.  I urge you to give a favorable report to House Bill 872 and Senate Bill 481: An Act Establishing a Climate Change Superfund and Promoting Polluter Responsibility.  

Yours Very Sincerely,

   Marcie Tyre

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