Cambridge is the first city in Massachusetts to pass a municipal resolution in favor of Make Polluters Pay legislation!

CAMBRIDGE – On Monday, October 30th, the Cambridge City Council voted unanimously in favor of a municipal resolution in support of S.481/H.872, An Act establishing a climate change superfund and promoting polluter responsibility. The resolution was introduced by Councilor Quinton Zondervan and Councilor Dennis Carlone. This legislation would raise $75 billion from top greenhouse gas polluters over the next 25 years. Activists attended the Council Meeting and three made public comments in strong support of the resolution. 

350 Mass member Rosemary Mosco: "It's painfully clear that we're unprepared for this new world that the fossil fuel companies have given us. Nobody's safe. People are already dying, and in a way, someone killed them. If, in today's divided world, 77% of people think that fossil fuel companies should be held accountable for what we've faced and what we'll keep facing, then I think it's pretty clear that we should make these polluters pay."

Communities Responding to Extreme Weather (CREW) Program Manager Leigh Meunier: "I worked with the (Cambridge) mayor’s program on climate justice work sites, I work with CREW and I know the need for climate adaptation and resilience to keep our communities safe from the worst impacts of the climate crisis… (fossil fuel company profits) can be rerouted to groups like mine. Passing this bill is an opportunity for all of us to be a part of the healing of communities."

The Municipal Resolution, which received overwhelming approval, sends a resounding message about the urgent need to address the mounting costs of climate change and the support from communities to hold polluters accountable. Cambridge is the first community to pass a resolution in support of S.481/H.872. The city would benefit under the policy from increased funding to mitigate waterfront flooding, extreme heat, and air pollution.

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