With a strong history of fighting for the climate movement, we have every reason to view Governor Maura Healey as an ally in our fight to hold polluters accountable. In collaboration with climate organizations across the state, we are asking Governor Healey to establish a Climate Change Adaptation Superfund now!

Add your name to the petition and join our movement to make polluters pay!

Note: Only Massachusetts residents may sign this petition.

Petition text:

We, the undersigned voters of the State of Massachusetts, do hereby petition
Governor Maura Healey to establish a Climate Change Adaptation Superfund by executive order with haste in response to the volatile weather conditions across the Commonwealth. 

The Climate Change Adaptation Superfund will require companies that have contributed significantly to the buildup of climate-warming greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere to bear a share of the costs of needed infrastructure investment, raising an estimated $75 billion over twenty-five years from the 20 largest polluting companies. This influx of funds will enable the Commonwealth to prepare for climate impacts.


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