Movement to raise $75 billion from top polluters to fund climate change superfund gains traction at Tuesday Medford City Council Meeting

MEDFORD – On Tuesday, April 2nd, the Medford City Council voted unanimously in favor of a municipal resolution in support of S.481/H.872, An Act establishing a climate change superfund and promoting polluter responsibility. The resolution was introduced by Council Vice President Kit Collins. This legislation would raise $75 billion from top greenhouse gas polluters over the next 25 years. Activists attended the Council Meeting and made public comments in strong support of the resolution.

The Municipal Resolution, which received overwhelming approval, sends a resounding message about the urgent need to address the mounting costs of climate change and the support from communities to hold polluters accountable. Medford follows Cambridge and Boston to pass a resolution in support of S.481/H.872, showing the growing strength of the campaign. Medford is a river front city, a densely populated city, a city with so much to win under the policy from increased funding to mitigate waterfront flooding, extreme heat, and air pollution. 

350 Mass members, along with other progressive groups in Medford, showed up in force to advocate for Make Polluters Pay: polluter responsibility and funding for essential resilience infrastructure for this community. The city council covered several hot topics, meaning that make polluters pay activists stayed until after midnight to make their case. The long wait was worth it, as the city council passed the resolution in the wee hours of the morning.

“This state level legislation will create a stream of money for communities like ours from the companies responsible for the impacts. This goes to companies like Exxon Mobil to say you need to pay to keep us safe from the impacts of your actions” - Councilor Kit Collins

“This resolution brings money back into the city. We talk about the need to fund resilience and parks and flood control, and this is a way to do it… we’ll be holding the large corporations to account.” -Councilor Justin Tseng

“We need the money. This is where the money is going to come from.” -Martha, Medford Resident and member of the  Energy and Environment Committee

“The flooding of my basement is a forebearer of our crumbling infrastructure. The main decision before us is who bears the costs.” -Luca, Medford Resident

“Everyone in this room has already had to take real money out of their pocket because of  climate change for things like more air conditioning, and french drains. We need more money in the city to address climate impacts.” Steven, Medford Resident

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